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JB+P: Jellybean and Pinto by tranimation-art

I can clearly see that Pinto loves to be the pet, but does not at times like to be the dance partner. The animation of Pinto's run is s...


This is a Pre-notes and Preface that I am working on for a spanning novel about The Star Wars Universe which starts with The Galactic Empire and ends during The New Jedi Order, Im warning that this is very rough and it will be polished up as I write. Here is a taste of what I am writing, the Pre-notes are of a broad spectrum, The Idea.

                                          STAR WARS
                                    The Blind Perception
                                      by Byron V. Kavanaugh
                                       Pre notes

I am writing this story because of my belief that Mace Windu, Second only to Yoda himself was killed too easy
when a dawn of a new Galactic Empire emerged. Mace, being a master of the Vapaad fighting style which dips into
the dark Side of the Force to gain an edge whilst keeping oneself aligned to the light side. The vapaad style
is only allowed to be taught to the most fully trained Jedi Masters. Many Jedi once tried the Art, failed and
changed their alignment to Dark since they themselves would believe that it was the dark side alone that allo-
wed them to win in the first place. Once Mastered, The vapaad Style became a tool to use, Nothing more to Mace
Windu, Taught under very controlled conditions.

                                      A Fallen Destiny

After Mace fell out the Senator's window covered in Sith Lightning,
All he could see during the tumble Yellow,Red, Brown, White, Blue as he tumbled, Yelled as hit the first air vehicle,
Knocked out cold when Mace hit the second and slammed into a back seat of a low level cargohauler. (More to come soon)

                                     The New Empire


    Emperor Palpatine looked over his balcony of the Senate Quarters out into the whirring air traffic. A few
nights after Declaring the New Empire'I faced the best of the Jedi order and defeated him' Palpatine thought to
himself as he looked over to the window Mace Windu destroyed shortly before Vader crippled and the Sith Lord
lured him to his shocking death, Now cleaned and replaced, but Palpatine's fond memory of Windu's defeat started
a chuckle which turned into a loud Kackle that echoed through Courasaunt's busy sky. The door to the Dark Master's
chamber opened with a Whirr-Hiss which was followed by a rythmic breathing and footsteps that moved with Purpose
"Vader" Palpatine exclamed "I see that you are more accustomed to your new Armour, Good" "Have we found the two
Jedi that have eluded us?" he hissed. "I Am Afraid Not, My Master" Vader replied "Yoda and Kenobi are dead or
Fleed us, Either Way, They Will Not Find Safe Harbor Anywhere In The Galaxy." The Emperor looked perturbed "We
must find and Eliminate them, expand our search radius, There must not be a single living Jedi left, or our plans
are vanquished." "Yes My Master" Vader replied, Palpatine raised one finger "I have a new weapon being built..
"the Death Star, my Master?" Vader interjected. "Yes, soon if you were to find any Jedi or enemies on a planet,
we will just destroy the planet, we will use fear to govern those against us." (More to come soon)


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tranimation-art Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Professional Filmographer
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Not too happy about Desslok's redesign for the new series: [link] :|
Abraxis-Kav Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012
He does not look as Villainous as the original series, but I love how everything is drawn and animated in this series, Desslock does not really start looking like a Villainous threat till the Comet Empire. I cant wait to see that one :-)
Abraxis-Kav Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012
The look for Desslock fits him well because he seems to be the 3rd in his generation and its like his dear old dad handed him the keys to the empire before he dear old died, He hasnt seen strife yet and has not yet been defeated, so he has that superiority complex. When he gets defeated and his world practically destroyed at the end of the Quest for Iscandar, Then a real character emerges, The real Desslock weve all come to know and love, I did not really like him at the beginning of the original series either until he was humbled. I so cant wait to see the new Bee-People, Ive got that rythum stuck in my head now. This has the trailing end of it [link]
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